Course description

This course is designed to introduce you to and help you become familiar with tools of quantitative data analysis for the social sciences. The introductory course has two primary aims. First, students will be introduced to statistical models that researchers and policymakers use in answering social, political and economic questions. Second, the course will equip students to use one or more of the discussed techniques in their MSc dissertation. By the end of the course, students should be able to understand the quantitative tools employed in political, social, and economic research; to perform data analysis using the statistical software R and interpret results; and to fruitfully employ introductory quantitative methods in their dissertation research and in subsequent careers.

This module (or the Advanced Quantitative Methods module) is required of all students pursuing an MSc from the School of Public Policy, including degrees in Democracy and Democratization, European Public Policy, Global Governance and Ethics, International Public Policy, Public Policy, and Security Studies.

A full course outline can be found at this link.


The main textbook we will use on the course is:

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